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7 Ways that will make you get serious real Single Ladies Whatsapp on Bluesate

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First and fore most we need to acknowledge that communication is vital in any form of relationship. By so doing getting real Single Ladies Whatsapp number has become the cause for concern. In this article we are going to articulate on how best we can make sure that every visitor get what he needs

7 vital ways to get Whatsapp number for real Single ladies

1) You should be ready to click – That is if you are asked to click please follow the rules. For instance if you are asked to visit a certain page, you must follow the rule and proceed to the page without hesitating. Eventually you will get the number you are looking for

2) Read all rules carefully – Most single man they rush to check Whatsapp number before they even read. Most single ladies clearly spell that their Whatsapp numbers is very private we can’t place it on public. However boys won’t read it out, they just scroll down without reading. Please read carefully

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3) Returning to the website regularly

Most Whatsapp numbers are posted for few days and they are removed. However if you come today please come back again to check. May be you can coincidentally see the number before it is removed. If you come today please return again after 2 days

4) Be honest

Most of the single men are not honest, they cheat so they don’t take time looking for the number. If a man is honest he won’t come here if he is not single. More so real singles will take time looking for all corners to get number then get it.

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5) Commenting with nice words

Many boys have a tendency of just commenting. Some say real Single Ladies inbox me not knowing that men have the right to propose not girls. Some just post their number no age and no place. How can a lady take that type of a man? So when posting please mention you name age and place. It will be good to see a comment praising a lady and if the lady saw your number she will inbox you

6) Use Whatsapp which has a profile picture

Most men they don’t use Whatsapp with profile picture or they hide their profile pictures. If a real Single Ladies saw your number without profile picture she will ignore and consider those with pictures. The greatest tip is please use Whatsapp with a setting of show profile picture to everyone.

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7) Do not quickly ask for money or benefits

Most men think if a lady is on public she is looking for a man to give money. Ohh that’s not correct ladies need love and love for real. By so doing you need to show love first before anything. However some boys just send a message that, “give me money” ahh no that’s not it. You need to show love first.

In conclusion if you have any additions to this article please send on CONTACT US page. If you try these ways please give us feedback. Please show others how the strategy works. We are here to serve you we value your feedback as well.

Thank You good day

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