About Us – Bluesate

Bluesate was founded with the aim of satisfying the needs of all thirsty people. Lets just discuss about What business are we doing. We have the aim of distributing news and videos. We also need to give our analysis on the news.

What Bluesate is all about?

Firstly we aim to share regional and international news. We also focus on dating news and real connection. People have the tendency of meeting and chatting on Whatsapp and even texts.

In addition to the above we work with other sites like SATESPACE and THOLA MOTHO which also assist us with guide lines on which we should follow. We need also distribute all contacts to people who are willing.

What information do we collect?

Bluesate is all about meeting, sharing videos and contacts. If you are single and you need to date a person you should be willing to let your contact details and exchange photos.

If you have any information which you need you may get in touch with us on CONTACT US page or leave a comment below

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