Catherine (38), Cape town- “I look so young and beautiful. I also want someone with similar qualities, A Ben 10”. Come pick a sugar mummy from SATESPACE today.

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About myself

I am a thirty year old beautiful entrepreneur from SA. I joined SATESPACE a while ago to find myself a Ben 10 but the ones that got to me did not have any pictures posted on their accounts. I can’t reply to someone who does not have their picture on their profile because I will just feel scammed.

I will also say it right here that I am a rich woman who has everything she wants. I am not coming to you to ask for your money but to give you mine actually. Rich people are usually the loneliest and I am involved in that circle. The money I have can’t have me bowing down to any man out there. No.

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To filter out people, to make sure I only get the serious ones, I will mention a few things that I look for. It’s either you possess these or we just can’t be together. I am rich and not for everyone. Sugar moms make choices too when it comes to men and I am making mine. My specifications include:

Looks: I want a Ben 10 that can make me smile when we make eye contact. Those dashing looks can get me going crazy. All sugar moms on SATESPACE can’t resist a Ben 10 who is handsome. You can show them your looks by uploading some of your pictures on SATESPACE for them to see through.

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Age: This doesn’t really matter much to me nut it just had to be mention. You just don’t have to be older than me otherwise you wont be a Ben 10 but a husband. Nothing else matters even if you’re a young teenager. Big body can cover up.


Exactly, lets chat on SATESPACE, nowhere else. I prefer secure sites like this one which are not crowded with fake ghost accounts. Click the button below and sign up:

You Need to Join SATESPACE so that You Can meet Sugar Mama – And Chat then get Whatsapp Number >>>>> Please Use the button Below to Join SATESPACE

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Thank you For Joining SATESPACE Please Make Sure You Post your Profile Pictures

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After uploading a few pictures of yourself for me to see, you can look for me nd leave a comment of your Facebook username.

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