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My name is Viola but my family calls me Vee. I’m the only child of my parents who now believe that I should be in marriage and having at least three kids. Yes I know that I’m 34 years but who said that it’s the right age to get in marriage

I mean age is just a number and it was never written that a woman in her thirties is too old for marriage. The society allows man to marry at 40 or even more so why can’t that be the same to women.

Well the reason why I’m looking for a guy is to make my parent proud and give them the grandchildren they want. We have a multi-million company in SA and China and they threaten to disown me if I fail to get in marriage by the end of the year.

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My friend told me about SATESPACE which is a trending platform connecting single ladies like us to genuine guys in terms of relationships. I decide to join and I hope to find my prince charming. She also told me that that’s where she found her current boyfriend and they seem to be happy together.

My offer and what I’m looking for in a guy

I know that I’m desperate for a relationship but that doesn’t mean I will take any guy. I’m looking for a guy who has no record of domestic abuse or has any criminal case. I’m not also looking for a guy who is still in school because they are immature.

They are just after money and fun. I want a guy who is understanding and caring. Someone who is ready for marriage and kids. A guy who is not after money and also goes to church. Who sees the good in people and brings out the best in people. A guy who will come home early and know his responsibilities as a man. Someone who believes in woman empowerment.

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Money to us is not a problem. My father will make you run his company in China because he promised that after he retires he wants his son in law to take over the family legacy.

Every member of your family will be well taken care of be it morally or financially. We have the most expensive wedding that will be in magazines. We will go to any country of your choice for our honeymoon. I will buy one of the most expensive cars and we will live in a big mansion

How to contact me

Before taking my number on Satespace make sure you are above 18 years.I join SATESPACE and have submit my private whatsapp number as a way of screening.

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Some of the things i submit to satespace is my pictures and home address. For you to get my number then join SATESPACE now. Use the link button below to join.

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After taking my number we are going to discuss more on whatsapp. Upload your photos too and your exact age as well as your place of location. Text me on that number or you can make a direct phone call. Lastly i would like to thank you for great concern to join satespace. Have a good day till we start a conversation on whatsapp.

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