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Free Single Lady, Cynthia (36) Pretoria- Why do I need a Single an attractive good heart man

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Firstly I am a free single lady who like going out to trips. In addition I like to visit places like Victoria Falls and other places which are attractive. I am a pure Christian with a good humble background. To know more about me please read this article.

Appearance of free single lady

I know appearances do not matter but I just have to let you know what I look like. As of these days, I have been on a diet and I finally look slim. My legs are thick but my thighs don’t touch. As of complexion, well, I am just as light as many women you see of free dating sites like this one. My teeth are brightly white and people say my smile is gorgeous.

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The single Lady dress code

Well, I don’t have a fixed dress code but the truth is I like dressing casually because it makes me feel more casual. As you can see on most of my pictures, I actually look way better when I am wearing casual clothes than when I am wearing formal ones. As we begin to go deeper and flirt more on SATESPACE, I will be sending you pictures in more naughty clothes.

Because I am a Free Single Lady now, here’s a deal for you

DEVICES- I don’t know about you but most guys are into latest devices. If you are one of them, you are very lucky. The first thing I will get you is the latest version of video games and the play stations to play them. You will have your own room in my mansion for your games.

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CARS- I will let you drive that car you have always dreamt about. I don’t care about the cost and I will buy you whatever version you decide. I am rich and that’s all that matters. As per how long it will be yours: forever. I don’t want you to ever struggle again.

Text Me Right Now on Satespace to Exchange Pictures On Whatsapp

I am expecting you to text me as soon as you see this. When you text me on SATESPACE, I will give you my WhatsApp and also some pictures with that. I have to show you what you are missing and this is why you will have my pictures. Hit my inbox now for the magic to happen.

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