How to meet a rich sugar mama on Blue Sate – Using Whatsapp or Via chatting

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Hello guys everyone is asking if they can get serious single ladies who are willing to start a good relationship. My answer is yes because they are many serious singles on Bluesate. If you are serious you can get one and enjoy than ever before.

How rich are the ladies found on on Bluesate?

Firstly most of the Ladies on Bluesate are filthy rich and most of them they own latest cars. In addition to the above the ladies own several house around South Africa. If you need to test them you can request airtime. Mostly they send you R1000+ of airtime or more. That is the other sign that these ladies are rich. To add on to the above the ladies are business managers and they own big companies.

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In terms of cash these ladies have bank accounts full of money and willing to share. The poorest sugar mama has R19 million in her bank account. If you think they are not serious please request airtime then request screen short. You will be of course shocked by what you see.

How to get Whatsapp numbers or their email address?

These rich ladies they don’t usually share their Whatsapp numbers to public domains. They don’t share their email address so that people would see. They have their private social media platform if you are invited there you will get the numbers and emails for free.

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Furthermore if they share with you they only trust you. If you fail to be trust worth they dumb you for the other boy. They could change their number and you will never see their number again. In addition to the above they don’t like boys who talk too much if you are love they will keep you for life.

In our next post we will discuss on how to meet and chat with best sugar mama online. If you have any question please fill free to comment bellow and we discuss other ways. However 100+ boys are getting serious Baby Mama on Bluesate.

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