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In a fight to stop the spread of corona virus, the ministry of transport has set measures to make sure that people are safe. The minister of transport who has a Nick Name Mr Fix is always giving updates on the rules to be followed

From the ministers table – Minister of transport Honorable Fikile Mbalula aka Mr Fix

According to the set standards, the lock down of public transport was impossible since there are some people who rely on public transport to go to work. There are also those who offer essential services like selling protective clothes, those working in pharmacies and nurses.

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The ministry of transport grounded the planes and stopped train operation. This implies that there will be no service from Metro Rail and Gautrain.

Since the public transport lockdown was impossible, they decided to reduce the load which the public transport should carry. That is the new stipulated load was set at 70% of the load. That is a 10 passenger carrying tax will reduce the passengers to seven only.

In addition to the above, all the public transport was mandated to acquire sanitizers with them. This is to enhance sanity all the time.

On anything good those who are on the wrong side are always there

One of the drivers was found operating outside the permitted time. Not only that the clearly stated law- more than 30 e-hailing providers were caught on the wrong side of the law.

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As stated above that passengers must be at most 70% the e-hailers tried to exceed the stipulated limit.

Not only the e-hailing but the bus drivers also. They failed to keep the maximum limit of passenger. More than 50 bus driver were caught on the wrong side of the law. They failed to observe the maximum limit of carrying passenger.

Perpetrators are not only for local transport, Mr Fix have got it all. Some of the operators where trying their luck by attempting to provide cross boarder transport.

Special thanks to MR FIX – giving us updates and protecting South Africa- stay home stay say

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