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Polokwane Single Mum -Stabile (34) I need a best Social Man who Know How to make me a wife

Hey there, my name is Stabile and I am a Polokwane Single Mum looking for love. I am a lonely single lady from KZN. However I have been married before but then later divorced. As you still see this post on this page, it means I haven’t found one yet. By so doing I need a man who can make me wife and we share all I have. I am thirty four years old single lady.

Besides being on BLUE SATE I have tried so many sites, including CUPID date and DATING WITH bouncer but to no avail. However I was encouraged by my friends TECLA and THANDO who already got their partners on BLUE SATE.

You can get in touch with me on my Whatsapp number at the end of this post. Humble singles is a great option for you to get a humble wife. Don’t skip this page, you wouldn’t want a lonely single lady like me to still stay single. This is a great chance to meet a perfect match like me. Christmas comes once a year, take your shot.

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How do Polokwane Single Mum Look like

In terms of photos don’t worry we will share them all. I posted my photos on other sites like SATESPACE I will direct you there.

I am neither tall nor short and I got a moderate body. Considerably, my height and my body match perfectly. On top of that I have nice curves that makes clothes fit perfectly on my body. Most men could want me but I chose this platform because it is real.

As An new darling what do I expect from you

Relating to the above mentioned, I want a man from KZN too because that’s where I live. This is also because I can’t stand distance relationships especially when it’s still new. Most of all a single man to avoid misunderstandings and drama.

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Furthermore I want a man who respects me and one who is over his past. I wouldn’t want a guy who keeps talking about his exes. More so I wouldn’t want a man who tells me am crazy. I wouldn’t want such jokes that tell me there’s something wrong with my head.

How to get in touch with humble singles

Communication is the only way we can be together. However I have dropped all of my details on SATESPACE. All you have to do is sign up and look for me, with the name Stabile. After you sign up, you will see more of my pictures. However after you like me get my number and send me a message on my Whatsapp..

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To get my Whatsapp Number please use the button below to Sign up on the Social Network for Singles. This is Called Satespace.

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If not satisfied please write to the admin on the CONTACT US page. If you need daily updates please comment below? We value your feedback.

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