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I am Rue. I was born in Zimbabwe but my family moved here to South Africa years back when I was still a toddler. We have been able to get citizenship and my whole family is based here. I am a nice lady and I’m very beautiful. My body can get even the strongest of men trembling in amazement and that’s something I’m really proud of. On top of that, I’m also rich.

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Why I prefer you over my husband? He doesn’t know how to make love. I’m sure you can do better than him. His family is also very annoying and judgemental and I feel like I’m in prison. In fact I never really loved this guy as much as he thinks. He likes to open me even if I make more money than him. For some reason her doesn’t even feel ashamed of himself doing this daily.

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Contact me on SATESPACE.

Just like any other sugar mom nowadays, I’m based on SATESPACE. If you wish to take this to any other level beyond this, SATESPACE is the best place to start. Truth is you won’t find me anywhere else except here. It’s all about the safety and the privacy. I know other sites may be good but SATESPACE will always be the best. Use the button below to reach out to me:

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It’s not just about joining, it’s also about creating an account that makes feel like replying to you. Show me that you are a worthy Ben 10 by creating a good profile and posting some pictures for me to see. After posting your best pictures, it will be the best time to look for me and leave a comment. I already believe that you and me can be the best couple. It’s guaranteed.

Here is what you should expect.

1. Monthly traveling. You won’t have to pay a coin. Leave everything to me.

2. Personal car. Eventually I will but you a car if your choice

3. A six figure job. I have a lot of connections and I will use them to get you employed.

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My Whatsapp Number Is +27 67 282 0854

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