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Single Lady Looking for men – Tecla 34 Single lady looking for more attractive man who know what this love mean

Tecla a single mother who likes vegetables and green maize is here today. Like any other ladies Tecla is also a single lady looking for men and is serious about getting married. I was born in a farm in South Africa and I developed passion on growing vegetables and maize. Unfortunately life was not on my side as I was shun by most men due to my hard working.

Why I chose BLUESATE over other sites

Firstly I like this site because of transparency and the amount of people who follow BLUESATE. My friend Thando and Yolanda were posted here and they got 2000 Whatsapp messages within a day. Waal it was wonderful hence forth I need them too before it’s too late. Your support is overwhelming and I wish myself the same.

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How to get in touch with a single mother looking for men.

Thank you for the whole of the chats I think we need to be together after chatting. Some single prefer using emails and others prefer using Zoom but as for me I like chatting on Whatsapp. By so doing my digits are +27 65 352 5001

Rules to follow after getting my Whatsapp number

a) Please call me using video to prove its me

b) Use Whatsapp call to call me anytime you want

c) Make sure you phone has enough space to save my photos and videos

In conclusion if you need more single lady looking for men please write to the admin on BLUESATE on CONTACT US page.

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Finally if you are happy with our service please comment below as we enjoy. I thank you all singles God bless you

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