Stella 37 Single Mother looking for a man 40 for the first time

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Being a Single mother has never been easy. Since the day we separated with my husband life was not easy. I managed to work out some of the avenues however it didn’t work out for me. Thank God for Bluesate. I requested them to post me.

BLUESATE has acted as my umbrella on a rain day. They covered me and now i am enjoying with them as well. More-so I need an umbrella for the day who is the man i will get here

General information about me.

Hello, I am Stella Moyo and I am single mother, divorced for 5 years now. Gauteng is where I live and I even got a few businesses here. My businesses give me a good living and enough money to get everything I need. To run away from being lonely, I need someone to talk to and love.

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I am an admirable beautiful lady whom you can miss in hours. During my spare time I go for swimming. My favourite season, its summer. This is because I look good in summer clothes as well than winter. It’s also because I will find more time to do my swimming hobby.

Appearance of A Single Mother

Tall in height and dark in complexion. I may be dark but I can be more beautiful than those other ladies. Big trousers or everything fit me better since I am slim in person. In addition to the above, I also like doing my makeup and change my hair weekly.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a guy, mature love does not give me headaches, I just need someone to have fun with. Someone who is has no curfew and will come to me anytime. One who can spend some time at my house or even days.

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 How to Get In touch

Finally we have reached the time to share our contact details. This will help us to meet physically and match very well. By So doing we can meet on Whatsapp And discuss. This is free not like

We can talk further on Whatsapp if you are serious. Please if you do not match the above mentioned then don’t bother texting me.

 My Whatsapp number is +27 62 471 5098

Please feel free to send a message I will reply instantly. However you can leave a comment below. This will help you get all what you want as well.

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