About us

About Us .

It is an African Video Sharing platform and we allow everyone to upload decent videos. We have a monetization opportunity for you to het money out of your videos.
We also offer a place of advertising as well as flexible methods of advertising.
Our mission is to give everyone a platform to share videos and show them to the world.
We believe that everyone deserves to have a view, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our videos.

Our values are based on four indispensable self-determinations that define who we are.

Self-determination of Expression
We believe people should be able to speak freely, share opinions, foster open dialogue, and that creative freedom leads to new voices, formats and possibilities.
Self-determination of Information
We believe everyone should have easy, open access to information and that video is a powerful force for education, building understanding, and documenting world events, big and small.
Liberty of Opportunity
We believe everyone should have a chance to be discovered, build a business and succeed on their own terms, and that people—not gatekeepers—decide what’s popular.
Sovereignty to Belong
We believe everyone should be able to find communities of support, break down barriers, transcend borders and come together around shared interests and passions.