Thando (44) Single Mother – Looking for A Ben 10 – Date from Home till we Meet – Whatsapp and Satespace.


Good day handsome boys I am very glad to receive that you can all read all these. I am very happy as well that you are many. Can we plan to date from home. Please don’t cry if you read my story. I need you boys lets discuss.

My personal Information and Life history

I am a 44 year old lady staying in Mtata. All saloons in Mtata are mine and the biggest supermarket is mine as well. I am very grad to advice you that I am a member of Women Union of Mtata. I own several cars including Toyota Hilux and VW Amarock.

To add on to the above I would like to say, my lovely life has 2 children the one 10 and the other one is 6 years old. I like swimming and going out. On top of that I like online video chat and sharing photos. I am a born again Christian and I like to read the bible a lot.

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In addition to the above I like dating boys younger than me. I also like sharing photos. I just feel that in life you can’t stay without a man. By so doing I need a handsome man like you? You are my best choice. Please do not Skip without connecting with me.

There are several ways to connect with me, let me explain how you can meet me. I am happy if you can follow the rules below my husband and king.

How to meet – my Satespace account and Whatsapp number

Since I like privacy and love, please lets take a good procedure to make sure that we meet before the lock down.

  1. Please Sign Up for SATESPACE using the button below

After Signing Up please make sure you add the required details. On Satespace Please check my profile and see my Whatsapp number. If you need my number please search for Theresa and send me a message.

  • I would like to choose the one who has the following on his profile
  • Real name and surname
  • True Whatsapp number
  • Please upload a good profile picture
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After you have done on the above please make sure that if you complete the above you are mine. I thank you for your time if you have any question please comment below