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Top 10 singles In South Africa – 35 Single Mother Need A Man who will make me a great wife daily

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My name is Amogelang Sibiya I am Top 10 singles In South Africa. I am thirty five years old. I reside in the South side of Pretoria. I am in the fashion industry as model and a designer too.  My interest in modeling has grown over the years after my sister won the beauty pigeon award.

However l own few properties in the United Kingdom. My dream house costs around $250 Million According to the MAIL ONLINE l was once married and got divorced four years ago. I have a daughter in Canada for her studies.

 At this age I am financially strong. I am looking for a guy who is serious with me and spend my money and wealth.. To me , young men are sweet and loving so that is my preferences. So l am here on this site to get a serious young man to spoil.

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What Top 10 singles In South Africa are looking for?

However I am looking for someone who supports and promotes moral excellence that is, someone who knows what is right and what is wrong. I need someone to lighten me up. Specifically a young man whose is five or less  years younger than me. However someone who seeks peace when possible, he confronts in private but he is not a doormat.

A handsome guy who works hard and is thankful for everything he receives. Most  often l have business trips and it is boring when I am by myself. Somebody to travel with and make memories with. Someone who is real and committed and also respectful.

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 More about Our relationship

Therefore I promise to love you always and respect as my man. Also l will be with you all the times as much as possible. More so l will be romantic and trustworthy. Also l will not be only faithful to our relationship but trusted in all areas. Also l will be honest at all times.

More so l will not be divulging your secrets to anyone else even when we are not in good terms. I will not be insecure. However l will be loyal and committed to the relationship. Give you some money every month for your personal needs. If you not satisfied I will add more on that.

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 How to contact Top 10 singles In South Africa

If you are serious, don’t waste more time. Send me a whatsapp message. My direct Whatsapp number is +27 83 89 68399 I will respond quickly and start spoiling you.

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