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First and fore most I would like to mention that as amoung those Top 100 Beautiful ladies I would emerge as the best of them all. In addition to that I would prefer to get you as well. Please check my Whatsapp number below. To add on the above, I have added the languages I speak and the places I stay.

On top of my beauty, I also speak many languages:

Zulu– I was raised speaking this language. Even though I have been in Australia for the past few years, I still speak fluent Zulu like I have always been here. It is my first language and I know to read and write it smoothly. On the other hand, though, I prefer speaking it to writing it.

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English– To be honest, I don’t actually remember how I got to speak this fluent English. My family uses English so maybe that’s how I managed to get all the practice I needed. As a time goes, I also want to perfect my writing of the language.

Shona– My father is from Zimbabwe and that’s how I got this Shona name. He tells me he came to SA when he was still in his twenties and that’s how he met my mom. Because of him, I can speak some Shona and I know a lot of words. Be though as it may, I still can’t write the language despite his efforts.

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Use The Button Below To Exchange Pictures With Me

Since the competition is huge, for me to defeat all Top 100 Beautiful ladies we will take it to WhatsApp but from SATESPACE. Click the button below and sign up then text me to exchange pictures and flirt all night:

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Here is a description of my family

I have two brothers and I am the only female in my family. Love is always shared in the family and we are always smiling. Besides all this, my family doesn’t even know I do online dating because I only started doping this after my last divorce. Free online dating feels good though. I know I will introduce you to them someday.

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The type of relationship for Top 100 Beautiful ladies

Top 100 Beautiful ladies like me prefer relationships where loyalty is always served on the table. If you give me loyalty, I will return loyalty to you and that way everything will flow well between us. If you love me, I will love you the same way.

My ideal relationship is where the couple is supportive of each other without passing judgement all the time.

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