Why do people do not want to support Khupe?

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Thokozani Khupe emerged as another faction with an endeavour to pull down Nelson Chamisa. However people are shunning her and her leadership.

There are several reasons why people do not like her

The late veteran leader and President described Khupe as someone who has nothing to offer. President Mugabe said it openly that he cannot vote for Khupe Nor his former Vice President Joyce Mujuru

Some argued that Chamisa cannot be one of the most strategic leader but he is popular. On the other hand Khupe has pissed them off.

Firstly Khupe Did not agree with partaking MDC functions after her take over from Gibson Sibanda. Khupe took over from Gibson Sibanda in a tribal toxic 2005 split. On the other hand Khupe shows that she is disagreeing with the fact that her leader Mr Tsvangirai has appointed more deputies.

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In addition to the above Madam Khupe refused to work with Matabeleland Leaders in an endeavour to divide the Alliance Spirit. Her aim was to work alone against the powers of united Matabeleland.

Finaly Khupe is not in politics to lead but for money only. She is happy with a divided nation and not willing to do anything good.

All this comes after the Supreme Court rules that Nelson Chamisa was not the legitmate leader of the MDC T.

There was a big fight between Chamisa and Khupe over the leadership of MDC T after the dearth of the founding father Morgan Tsvangirai

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Source: Ndaba Nhuku

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